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Your look is not full without a stylish bag. Cross body is the most comfy and tops the list, when it comes to designer devices.


Depending on the pattern, it looks modern or traditional. You can improve the beauty of this attire by matching it with a designer dupatta.

Silver Jewelry

Today, silver jewelry is exceptionally popular due to its simple beauty and modest look. They are best for any celebration


Shawls or wraps are supreme fashion devices. They are warm, winter-proof and sophisticated way of accessorizing. They include sophistication

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Troubles of an Indian Woman

With women being raped, molested, charred and ill-treated by our patriarchal society across India, last week the country immersed itself in the party of being a woman. The principle of Durga Puja is of women empowerment. The center of destination is the divine being Durga, the all-powerful shakti. She is the warrior Goddess, and the entire male world bows down to her, grinding down the ego to the ground.

According to the legends the idol is constructed out of the purest clay which is combined with mud sourced from a brothel for it is believed that no section of the society must be overlooked from being a part of the celebrations.
Although the celebration has much deeper meaning and value, the society has actually not altered to women, let alone sex employees. In Indian culture, a woman is branded as an unequal entity, who has a hard time for originality in this oppressive patriarchal society where she exists as a mute viewer of the violence she deals with on a daily basis.

Aurat (woman) is expected to be in her hadh (limitations). She is expected to give birth and not be under the impacts of Amreeka. All these short clothes lead to rape," stated Mr. Shyamnath, who hails from Khanpur, participated in the CR Park Durga Puja.


When it comes to religious beliefs, its essence depends on the piousness and purity of the woman who is worshipped as a 'Devi' in temples. On the flipside, when a woman sells her body for money, she is looked down upon and is considered a social disgrace. This model of 'regard' is where the beams of hypocrisy lie in Indian society.

The society still needs to mature. Worry drives the Indian society and most likely a huge part of the world today. Fear of death, worry of getting libelled, of losing what they possess and eventually the worry of living ‘unleashed.’

The Indian society is changing quickly. Women are waking up to the presence of their rights and embracing people with parallel ideas with open arms.

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